Duiwekloof Special - February 2021

DK Special February 2021


A Hidden Paradise

It is impossible to describe the uniqueness of the Baviaanskloof. It is a hidden paradise, a landscape of contrasts.

In this unspoiled, rugged mountainous terrain, lies Duiwekloof.

The absolute tranquility of the early morning is broken only by the echoes of the dove’s lovely call, hence “Valley of the Doves”.

An article that featured in the Weg(Go) magazine, referred to Baviaanskloof as the land of Psalm 23. The Getaway magazine referred to it as a place so special, that once you have been, you will be left with a lifelong yearning to return.

The area offers a wide range of eco-recreational opportunities and unique wilderness experiences.

You can walk kilometers without seeing another human being.

The area is characterized by extreme, diverse landscapes.

The kloofs, waterfalls and rivers bring you to the realization that you are in wild country.


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The Lodge

The lodge offers four luxurious, fully self catering rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Warm bedding and soft towels will make you feel at home. Each room has a kitchenette with stove, fridge / freezer and necessary...

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Blouduiker Cottage

The cottage has two double bunks and one double bed making it a six-sleeper. This secluded venue is an ideal stopover for couples or families hiking and biking through the kloof.  A minimum of four...

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Leopard Cavern

The spectacular Leopard's Cavern is a must for those couples who are perpetually in love. The luxurious, spacious cavern makes optimal use of the natural beauty of the rocky backdrop and contrasts it perfectly with...

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Duiwekloof offers six(6) spacious campsites with braai facilities as well as hot and cold water ablution facilities. We also have the facility of an electrical point at every camping site. Camp in one of the...

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